Dr. O’Neill invited to discuss teaching risk assessment

How do we balance the risks of a given choice against its potential benefits?  Carefully!

Dr. Katherine O’Neill introduces Roanoke College students to the concept of risk assessment in her INQ 251 Risk and Resources course.  Dr. O’Neill will share her work at a workshop on “Teaching Risk and Resilience” as part of InTeGrate, Integrated Teaching about Earth for a Sustainable Future help in Florida in May 2014.  The program is funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Council for Science and the Environment. While at the workshop, Dr. O’Neill will share teaching materials she developed for her INQ 251 with other environmental professionals.  At the conclusion of the workshop, Dr. O’Neill’s materials will become part of the InTeGrate website as an example of outstanding materials for introducing non-majors to risk assessment.


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